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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Wendy Kay

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Answering the Question: “Can Anyone Become Financially Independent If They Want To?”

Join host, Wendy Kay, as she gets a big “YES!” to the answer of the possibility of You becoming Financially Independent and more on how to get started. Wendy brings on the expert, Ike Ikokwu, Financial Independence Coach and Author of the new best selling book, Winning the Money Game: Separating the Myths from the Truth.

Ike also works as a CPA, Certified Financial Planner, Financial & Tax Advisor. In this discussion, he offers his expertise through specialized education and personal experience of riding the wave of this past decade’s economic changes where he went from Wealthy Man to Bankruptcy (after 9/11), to rise back and beyond to Millionaire and Financial Independent status in just 5 short years.

Discussion Points Include:
• How To Start on the Road to Financial Independence
• Do You Have to be a Certain Age or Income Level?
• What can we do with an Extra $100?
• How To Adjust Your Mindset for Financial Independence
• When To Get Help to Make Your Plans & Get Started
• Who To Go To For Help & What They Can Do
• Why Integrating Safer with Greater Risk Investments is a Must to Stay Steady on Your Path
• Is Your Home an ?Asset? Worth Having?

Without listening, you already know the answer is YES to the possibility of YOU reaching Financial Independence – if you make it your intention. Now you’ll want to listen to the show with expert, Ike Ikokwu, to find out how to get moving on this goal right away!