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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – PART 2–THE PLAN–FINAL PREPARATIONS…A Flick of A DHS Pen, and What You Eat, Drink, Drive, Where You Work, and Heating Your Home is Under Federal Control–The 13,000,000 Acre Federal Land Grab

Wrap up on the alarming disclosures of the whistle blower, code named “Rosebud”…and the NDER–just one of Obama’s Executive Orders of the Last 6 months–control, based on a simple written statement by Secretary of Homeland security–no oversight whatsoever–of a POTENTIAL threat, in peacetime, no less–of water, food, transportation, private industry, finance, natural gas, and health care. Drones in the air over US airspace–and the first arrest by EPA via drone snooping of a farmer in the Midwest. Thought these were to fight terror?This is real and real time, right from documents themselves. And all the while Europe twists in slow motion implosion, Spain sinks towards financial armegeddon, Iran continues with nuclear ambition, our comrade president reveals more of the real him, government distortion of data goes exponential (now seven after the fact downward revisions in 6 months) and under the Heritage Act Obama prepares to grab 13,000,000 acres of YOUR land–for environmental and heritage purposes, of course. Why do those maps resemble the world heritage mapping of our friends at the UN pursuant to Agenda 21? But not to worry, Senator Feinstein is busy passing a bill governing how hens lay eggs. I wish I was kidding.