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Stop Raising Einstein

Tara Kennedy-Kline

Stop Raising Einstein – Shut up about Your Perfect Kid!

How often have you wanted to say it? But most people can’t bring themselves to get the words out…but not my guest Gina Gallagher, she and her sister Patricia wrote the BOOK on it! Join me as I chat (and roll on the floor laughing at times) with Gina Gallagher author of “Shut about your perfect kid! A survival guide for ordinary parents of special children.” In this interview, Gina shares what inspired her to write such a controversial book…why she was able to write it with her sister…and what she has learned (and can teach all of us) about dealing with the unique and sometimes frustrating needs of special needs kids. So before you roll your eyes at one more tamper tantrum, or offer one more piece of unsolicited advice to a struggling parent…hear what Gina and I have to say about that and those perfect kids!