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The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – New Retirees Changing the New Retirement

It’s hard to plan for something that is changing as a result of what you are doing. A different perspective can be of help. A number of major companies are assessing and anticipating new trends from the baby boomers and are positioning their companies to meet this new demand. Ron Cappello an expert on marketing and branding shares what the cutting edge companies see as the changing retirement environment. Being aware of these changes can help you get a better picture of your retirement. One thing that is common among the trend-sayers is as we age we will need more health care. Jack Tatar tells us how to save 20-30% on health expenses through the intelligent use of Health Saving Accounts. While you spend a couple of decades or so in retirement you may want to have a financial adviser to keep you on track. Rob Drury explain his style of financial planning and things you should know when selecting an adviser.