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Rosanna Pittella Ph.D.

Voice of American Education – How High Tech Online Learning and Teaching Will Open the World to Students of the American Dream School

Online technology clearly presents a wonderful opportunity to enrich the educational environment in which American children can evolve and grow. Terry Keyes, instructor and curriculum specialist brings with him experience as both online student and teacher. Listen to this program to hear about how the best of online learning and teaching can be used to support and advance the mission of the American Dream School, which may be the one way for children of all socioeconomic levels to be transported to their American Dream. Opening up the whole world to children this technology applying what we know works at the college level is a very strong way to lead them down a path to success.
For information about a concise publication on the evolution of American Education, mentioned during this interview, and the research that lead to the design of the American Dream School, look for How Deconstructing the American Education System Will Reconstruct the American Dream, at

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