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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – The Planetary Thought Body and Why we live with Fear!

Fear is here! Are you feeling yourself shifting into Survival Mode? You aren’t the only one. Something has changed and every Citizen of Earth is feeling the repercussions. Tune in as Sri and Kira examine the Planetary Thought Body, spiritual maturity, and humanity’s ongoing journey toward Self-Ascension.

Time is folding upon itself. Your third dimensional experience is shifting. And all this might feel just a little weird. It’s a common trained behavior—it’s been ingrained in nearly all of us since birth; especially in North America!—to react with fear.

How do you feel after watching the news? After glancing over trending topics online? If you felt your heart race, or sensed a faintness of breath, just thinking about it…then this episode is dedicated to you. And you are not alone!

“We are so powerful—the collective We—that we have created a Planetary Thought Body…and it is filled with some pretty heavy fears,” says Kira. Whether it’s terrorism, pollution, or general confusion from information overload, this is a powerful and sometimes frightening time to be on this planet.

Take a deep breath. “There is a way out,” promises Sri.

Are you ready to let go of your Fear-Based Thinking? Are you prepared to breathe out the energies of discord and start breathing in peace, love, and joy? You can break free! Yes, YOU can live a life filled with abundance, productivity, and true inner-happiness.


…But it’s not here to stay. Tune in!

Beloved Ones, this is Sri and Kira’s last episode with WebTalk Radio—and they’ve made it one you’ll want to download and keep in your audio archives for years to come!

Put your hand to your heart. Breathe deep. There is nothing to fear.

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