Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Teaching Mental Game Skills with My 14 Year Old Team

Guest Steve Fritton is like many fathers who coach their children, he works full-time+, is a former athlete, is smart and enjoys teaching and developing youth about sports. When it comes to teaching the more intangible, all-important skills of leadership, creating and sustaining high performance teams and making the parent-player-coach triangle function in a win-win-win way, Steve move to the upper echelon of youth coaches. In fact he excels. He wholeheartedly embraces teaching the mental game. This show deals with how Steve and I have teamed up to teach the mental game to his 14 year old Omaha team, the Heat, which year by year owns a high winning % while steadily moving up in class. I began working with the Heat in May including team sessions with specific mental game tools, one-on-one discussions with Steve and the team’s use of my mental game workbook and use of other recorded shows. Tune in as Steve gives examples and stories of how he has quickly put all of this to good use. Topics include a)
workbook applications by a player and a coach including the use quotes of a major leaguer quotes in the workbook to reinforce positive coaching philosophy, b) the Flick-back/Flick-Up technique, c) managing believe over doubt, d) addressing anger, e) what the team has learned about listening to the Mookie Wilson show on base running. These all lead to getting the players better equipped for successfully transitioning to High School baseball, other sports and application to academic achievement.