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Healthy Medicine Report

Nancy Lonsdorf MD

Healthy Medicine Report – Mind Over Heart Disease

Can we heal and prevent heart disease with our minds? Research over the past 25 years provides encouraging evidence that we can. While stress has a major impact on heart and artery health, over $20 million of NIH-funded research demonstrates that a simple meditation technique can cut the risk of death, strokes and heart attacks by nearly 50%.
You will learn how the Transcendental Meditation program can quell your stress response and reverse the health damages done while we’re in “fight or flight” mode. In addition, we’ll hear how Ayurvedic medicine, the sister health science of both yoga and Transcendental Meditation, describes three sub-types of heart disease, according to individual constitutional type, with specific diet, exercise and stress reduction approaches for each one. Apply it to yourself—and get unique insights for heart health after menopause—at