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Love Works

Jim Gulnick & Lisett Guevara

Love Works – Divorce Support

Love Works provides advice and tips that strengthen and support relationships. Sometimes relationships breakdown and couples withdraw so far apart that there appears to be no turning back from an inevitable divorce. When it becomes best for the family and best for the individuals to separate, divorce may feel like the only sane alternative.

Love Works and special guest Lorri Gill, host of Survival of the Ringless on WCCM 1100 AM, discuss divorce, the devastating impact on finances, family, and friendships, and give some ideas to consider before making a decision to go separate ways:

• Find out why most divorcees say they would have worked harder at
saving their relationship if they had known the difficulties and hardship of the divorce process and its aftermath
• Learn how seeking professional help such as a counselor or therapist
may assist in working through difficulties and saving a marriage or even aid in a more amiable divorce
• Understand the effect of divorce on children and the challenge of
being able to maintain a close relationship as distance and time form a wedge between you and your children

Lorri Gill provides a resource for people before, after, and during a divorce. Whether you are thinking about a divorce, know of someone going through a separation, or are just interested in the subject to learn how and why you should protect your marriage, please join Love Works in welcoming Lorri Gill.