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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Wendy Kay

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Tapping Your Intuition

Join host, Wendy Kay, as she discusses tapping into your intuition with Kelly Canull, Online Soul Coach and Author of An Inward Journey: A Guide to Living Your Best Life. The show will give you a better understanding of how tapping your own intuition can help you in your life.

Discussion Points Include:
Who has Intuition?
What is it exactly?
How to Recognize It
The 3 Most Significant Benefits of Tapping Your Intuition
Guidance for Interpreting Your Intuition
How Intuition can Literally Save Your Life!
Can Intuition be used to identify your Soulmate?
Can it work as a Lie-detector?
And Much More…

Don’t miss out on being able to tap into one of Your Best Personal Resources!

More About the Guest:
At the age of six weeks old, Kelly Canull, had a near death experience that left her highly intuitive and conscious of our innate wisdom. She knew at this early age what her life’s work was: to remind others how to tap in to their own innate wisdom and live life from a place of love instead of fear.

Kelly has successfully guided individuals on an inward journey to access and instantaneously clear all that no longer serves them from their past. She simultaneously shows them how to gracefully and easily reconnect to the infinitely wise being that they really are so they live out their fullest potential and their life’s true purpose now. She has empowered thousands of people worldwide to remember that they already are someone magnificent, capable of tuning in to their own innate life’s purpose, wisdom and intuition.