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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Conquering Cancer without a “Battle”

Everyone knows that cancer is a tough fight, perhaps one of the most important battles that we’ll ever encounter, right? Well the answer is, “it depends” on how you handle it. Cancer is the growing medical phenomenon that it is for reasons that are not evident in most cancer literature. That’s why Adam’s conversation with this week’s guest, Fred Eichhorn, is so important.

Mr. Eichhorn is not just the founder and director of the National Cancer Research Foundation; he is a rare individual, one who didn’t survive, but conquered pancreatic cancer… over 30 years ago!

He did it by taking an entirely different tact in contrast to standard treatment options of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Instead of agreeing to one of the latter two approaches, which severely compromise the body’s internal chemistry, he authorized a thorough examination of the body’s mineral needs and deficiencies, then made it his mission in life to restore those minerals that were “low” or “out of stock”, back to normal.

The results were a return to health, and no return of cancer.

You would have thought that, when one of his four sisters contracted pancreatic cancer 21 years later, she would have found solace in her brother’s success and followed suit. Indeed, she began taking the product that Eichhorn developed and in a short time her condition noticeably improved. However, her doctor insisted on accelerating the process by convincing her to take chemotherapy.

Sixty days later, she died.

Needless loss like this is played out daily across America and around the world, but Fred Eichhorn has helped thousands of people write a new outcome to their cancer story.

The first step is by learning that a healthy outcome is possible today, in spite of the billions spent each year for “cures” that are purported to not yet exist.

For some reason, the pundits haven’t spoken to Fred Eichhorn. Fortunately, Adam has.

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