Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Coach Brewer’s System Leads Marietta College to Back-to-Back DIII Baseball Championships

As I’ve said before, Championships are not won due to random acts of luck. Rather, they result from having a coaching leadership philosophy with a thorough system, deep desire, steady discipline and mental smarts and toughness. This show reinforces that reality again with guest Brian Brewer. Brain is assistant AD Head Baseball Coach of the DIII Marietta College Baseball (aka Etta Express Pioneers). In his ten years as head coach, Brian has won three national championships; in ’06 and the past two years. Tune in to learn how Brain approaches recruiting, fall ball, winter conditioning, practices, building the team, the mental game and his own development and learning. Brain also was a 1st baseman and DH at Marietta College earning 3rd team All-American honors in ’92. He was also head coach for four years at John Carroll College prior to returning to his alma mater.