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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick Reiki Energy Practitioner, medical intuitive and author of” Life is No Coincidence” welcomes special guest Kathryn Tull author of “The Next Bold Step- Learning to Love Yourself and Value Yourself and Know that You Matter. Kathryn is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has a psychotherapy practice in Los Angeles and a devotion and special interest in helping children and adults to heal past traumas, and issues of abuse, addiction and low esteem. With compassionate insight Kathryn helps those who may feel invisible, unheard, and unacknowledged to recognize and honor the lessons of their childhood and to move forward to transform redundant or negative patterns of behavior, in order to recreate and reinvent a positive joyful self image for personal health and fulfillment.

Kathryn describes Ten Core Components that she has observed are present in successful and well functioning people who often have moved past negative impressions and thoughts from past interactions to a new view and implementation of positive action and behavior and the remembrance of the best within ourselves. The ten core components are desire, willingness, courage, belief and trust, intention, visualization, hope, choice, and action. When people internalize these attitudes they give up blaming others for unhappy events, forgiving them and taking personal responsibility to use their own sense of soul and self to align to higher spiritual energies and values.

In talking about conditional love which is love received when you behave the way the giver wants you to behave, it becomes clear that many relationships with parents, siblings, spouses friends and co-workers exist in this exchange of caring. When you receive love when you satisfy another person’s conditions, expectations, or rules and demands self-esteem and confidence and self-worth is seriously damaged. As an adult it is possible and necessary to return to personal choices, regardless of how others see you, and to take back that sense of well being that may have been taken away by controlling and manipulative people.

Some of the physical symptoms that present that often show you are processing strong emotional responses that can lead to feelings of defeat and despair are feeling sad, tired, grouchy, pain such as headaches or stomachaches, lack of energy, crying or feeling like you want to cry, shallow breathing, a fight or flight response, excessive sleeping, and lack of appetite. Kathryn and Sheryl discussed tools that can calm and restore emotional balance and self-confidence. They include proper use of the breath, water break, journaling, talking with a trusted friend or healer, nature, music, relaxation or rest, proper nutrition and diet, and that magical therapeutic SMILE –medicine for soul and body.

Kathryn Tull’s new book “The Next Bold Step” is a guide and manual for a journey of change and acceptance of self. In reading this book it becomes clear that the quality of our relationships affect our moods and emotions and our choices. By returning to our quiet voice within that recognizes the personal power of our soul gifts and our universal connections to all life, we can heal any hurt of the past and create a joyful walk towards the future.