Hovey's Outdoor Adventures

Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Poverty Radio’s Atlanta Blade Show 2012

Interviews with attendees, knife makers and vendors from the 31st Annual International Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, dominate this show which also introduces a pay-as-I-go funding concept for Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures.

Those interviewed included a couple who like and use knives, collectors, knife makers from those just starting out to professionals, a display case maker, a provider of survival foods and equipment as well as TV personality, author and survival expert Captain Mykel Hawke. Knife makers featured on the show are Mrs. Grace Horne who does a somewhat erotic treatment of the traditional dagger and D.J. Urbanovsky who makes a tactical-grade utility knife that incorporates new design elements in the shapes of the grip and blade. I also introduce new designs of strong ceramic kitchen knives from Eagle Ceramic (Universal Relations, Inc.).

With the failure of the “Professionalize Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” Kickstarter project to achieve its fund-raising goal of $8,800, this show is now on a pay-as-I-go basis, with the content of each show depending on donation and book sales the previous two weeks or when sufficient sponsorship agreements are signed. New shows will be produced only to the extent that funding allows.

Ads on this show include the launching of Poverty Radio that is broadcast from my kitchen table and SIN’s (Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritive’s, Inc.) Internet advertising where complex video-audio ads freeze up older computers so that it may take 30 minutes to receive and send a single E-mail while the ad plays on the screen.

My thanks to Smoky Mountain Knife Works and Davide Pedersoli & Co. who made significant pledges and to each of the 13 individuals who pledged towards the show. I would also like to thank Buck Knives who sponsored an Idaho bear hunt last year and Hodgdon Powder, Cabela’s, H&M Metal Processing and Dixie Gun Works who provided products and support for the show.

31st Annual International Blade Show

Grace Horne