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Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey For Truth – Jeanne went from a seemingly wonderful life in an upscale New York neighborhood to hearing her husband has been arrested for robbing several banks…

Jeanne Callahan Trantel talks about her book, Disguised Blessings, which describes her experiences as a wife of a man who went from being a stock trader on the New York Wall Street Stock Exchange to robbing banks. Jeanne had a nice house in a beautiful community, two beautiful boys, and a husband who left for work each day to New York City. She knew something was amiss, however, when she would receive debt collectors’ phone calls. Her husband assured her that he was taking care of it….but how was he taking care of it? He was stealing from multiple banks. Eventually, he was arrested and convicted to serve eight years in prison. In the meantime, she had no money, no job, and was behind on their mortgage. How did Jeanne pick up the pieces? What was it like being in that situation? Why did some people blame her? Listen to her story on Journey For Truth!