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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Obama’s other 900 Executive Orders in–Why? Cities Collapse in California–Forecast FIRST Here Last Sept–Some Thoughts On Roberts And Fixing Health Care is EASY!–Reid’s New Book A #1 Best Seller!

We covered six of 900 Obama Executive Orders in the last shows–here is a brief recap of some just as onerous…The bankruptcy of California and its cities–this is not isolated, and just the beginning–the first to forecast the belly up and equate Greece with California was Reid months ago. Peculiar connected twists to Robert’s ruling on Health Care–some food for thought. FOUR (that’s right, just four) EASY steps–100 pages max–to fix health care and achieve quality care, less cost, cover the uninsured and preexisting conditions WITHOUT tax, deficit, or decrease in coverage–and with a lot less fraud. Romney–ARE YOU LISTENING? Get your message together! Congress you need to grow some cojones. Reid’s new book, Land for Love and Money and it’s expose of government using YOUR tax dollars, to guarantee banks huge profits at the expense of YOUR own home’s value, was an immediate #1 best seller–and the dot coms were out of books by 10 am on the 26th! 35% discount held over for YOU! Secrets critical to your heart and your wallet–the love and money of land/land based real estate, whether 1/3 of an acre or thousands, no matter where located!