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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Reid’s Opinion on the Spate of Ominous Executive Orders over the Past 6 Months…Obama And Truth–Antithesis to One Another– Desperation Breeds More Lies…Europe’s Meltdown Accelerates–And More

The Republicans need to get out a message, the President and his minions need to stop lying, and the American people need to wake up. Obama accelerates his spouting of false and misleading numbers. Desperate and dangerous. Lowest spending president in history? Say what??? 4.3 million new jobs? 65,000 green energy jobs? Flat wrong–per his very own agencies’ figures. The Executive Orders, ads for interment camp guards for “displaced civilians”, the disturbing proclamations of the DHS whistle blower, “Rosebud” in the Canadian Free Press about the hidden plans and motives of the administration–and their sinister plans to divide the country even more, and other dots tie into an unnerving line in Reid’s mind–hear his opinion on the research he has shared over the past two shows. The edges of health care may be complicated–but the essence is not. Let’s not forget Europe–more band aids to delay the inescapable final agony of collapse–til after the election, using your tax dollars. Land for Love and Money releasing Tuesday the 26, with big discount for release period!