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Stop Raising Einstein

Tara Kennedy-Kline

Stop Raising Einstein – Help! My 2 year old is hitting…now I’m afraid he’s a sociopath!

It’s ridiculous the names and titles we give to kids today based on behaviors and actions that are not only normal, but PREDICTABLE for their age and development. 2 year olds are gonna hit and teens are gonna tease. It’s how they learn about boundaries, control over their surroundings and acceptable behavior. So let’s stop vilifying it and talk about it!
On this show, I sit down with Dr.G (Deborah Gilboa) and have a real, raw and in depth conversation about the Karen Klein bus monitor scenario and how the school and the general public are wrong and even at fault for what happened…and what parents and schools can do to get the issue of bullying correctly identified and ended once and for all! One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch…so let’s identify it, pull it out and stop the spoiling of our kids!