Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Why is the American Legion and American Legion Baseball is More Relevant Than Ever?

The American Legion, the largest Veteran’s organization, was created in 1919. Six year later, in 1925, its first youth activity-American Legion Baseball ( ALB) came into being. Today, the Legion serves 2.4 members with over 1,400 Posts. There are over 4,600 ALB has baseball teams (1,700 junior and 2,900 senior. Shows guests, Fang Wong, National Commander and Jim Quinlan, National Baseball Coordinator provide timely, valuable information about why the Legion is today, more relevant than ever. You’ll learn the Legion’s four guiding principles with examples of how this robust, active and forward thinking organization applies those principles at the national and local level. Expect to hear about the role the Legion plays in three core areas: Community, Family and Youth and National Affairs with emphasis on baseball and jobs for veterans.