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Love Works

Jim Gulnick & Lisett Guevara

Love Works – 4 Hours to Intimacy

Get ready to strengthen, deepen, and build your connection with your partner or develop a new relationship with your perfect match in only 4 hours! We all know someone that has spent months or years in a relationship only to find out that they really never knew their partner. What if you could change all that? What if you could bypass the weeks and months of getting to know someone and uncover an intimate connection in only hours?

Join Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick of Love Works as they interview Dr. Winn Henderson, author of Intimate Connections, How to Achieve Real Intimacy with Anyone Anywhere in the World in Less than 4 Hours! The book helps people discuss and address intimacy at four levels: General, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical.

This episode of Love Works discusses:
• What keeps you from truly experiencing real intimacy
• How addressing deal breakers up front can save you from experiencing months of heartache
• Why honesty with compassion is the fastest way to build intimacy with another human being
• How chemistry, attraction, and emotions can fool us into a go-nowhere relationship

Dr. Winn Henderson is a retired physician with over 20 years of clinical experience. He is the author or co-author of 37 books including The Cure of Addiction, The Four Questions, Share Your Mission, The Deposition, The Secret to Happiness, The 12 Steps, and most recently: Freedom From Addiction. For the last 40 years Dr. Henderson has been counseling both in person and by telephone clients from all over the world on issues of addiction and finding one’s purpose in life. He is the host of a 15 year, long-running radio talk show, “Share Your Mission”, which seeks to give examples of how having a life purpose brings happiness, contentment, joy, peace of mind, and success. Dr. Henderson’s mission in life is to help you find yours. His book is for sale at Amazon Kindle by searching for Intimate Connections by Winn Henderson. Alternatively, please inquire about direct download by contacting Dr. Winn Henderson.