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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right – “If You Earn Less Than $250,000 It Won’t Cost You One Dime”. Barrack Obama, Repeatedly, 2009/2010. What did that Congressman Shout Out During The 2010 Sate of The Union? “YOU LIE”. He Was Right.

In fact, what Obama told us with lofty oratory was not even close. And he, Nancy, and Harry knew it. In the process they lied even to their own party. Call it a tax-call it a penalty, who cares. It is $700 to $3,000 out of the pocket of more than 4 million American earning less than $120,000 per year–and that aint all. Join Reid for a discussion, and almost never heard in depth analysis of all twenty one (that’s right-21) new taxes in Obama care. They total $675 BILLION in new taxes, the largest single tax hike in American History, 75% of which fall on the middle class–those earning under $250k per year. They are direct out of your pocket, or stealth via a third party from your pocket. These numbers are right from Obama’s own non partisan CBO–the Congressional Budget Office. And Reid has a few choice, frustrated words for the Republicans, too–their garbled message, and seeming inability to afford folks a simple clear alternative, which is as clear as day. Romney and troops need to engage brain cells and get on the same page.