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Stop Raising Einstein

Tara Kennedy-Kline

Stop Raising Einstein – Parents, if you’re feeling overwhelmed…go play!

There is so much to get done in a day and it seems like the days (along with our tempers and our tolerance) are getting shorter and shorter…so what if the answer to all of our overwhelm, frustration and fatique is as simple as getting back in touch with our inner child as well as our own children and let ourselves PLAY!?
In this fun, playful and enlightening interview, Passion & Purpose Expert and co-founder of the Bye Bye Good Girl movement, Regena Garrepy, talks with me about her recent blog “The Power of Play” and how she has discovered that parents need to allow themselves to get away and get in touch with their playful side from time to time…to release their “shitty list of shoulds” and focus more on what they really WANT in life.
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