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Healing From Within

Sheryl Glick


In today’s episode of “Healing From Within” Host Sheryl Glick Reiki Master Teacher and author of two new books in the works “Whispers From Spirit- Transforming By Aligning To Healing Energies” and “New Life Awaits – Miracles Of Life Beyond The Physical” welcomes special guest Gaetano Vivo Reiki Master Teacher and author of his new book “Messages From The Angels of Transparency- Powerful Words From Gentle Souls.” This book is the story of guidance and the channeling of hope for the people of earth from higher beings of love sometimes known as Angels or higher vibrational beings or loved ones. These entities aid us in our evolution as we shift and become more compassionate and civilized people. Many of us today are aware that our world appears to be struggling for a simpler way to process feelings and expressions of love, respect, honor, and integrity, as people alter their fears and negativity and create a new life of cooperation, unity, compassion and brotherhood.

Gaetano Vivo R.M.T. grew up in Italy and today he will share his journey from his homeland to the United Kingdom and to the United States, and his inner journey of self-awakening to Spirit and Soul. Gaetano is a member of The Complementary Medical Association of Great Britain, The International Council Of Holistic Therapies, The International Association of Reiki Professionals and a member of the Noetic Association of America.

During the show Gaetano will share memories of his childhood and visits from Archangel Michael who showed him the magical and loving transparencies of life beyond our earth plane. A visit from this angel was as natural to him as a visit from a loving relative. My own awareness of energetic forces of life beyond this life I know, was a slow yet progressive awareness over the course of years. I was trained and then practiced the art of Reiki Healing and became extremely alert to even slight shifts of energy or physical changes within myself and for the clients that came to me for healing sessions. Recognizing these states helped in addressing issues and making choices that helped us achieve states of balance and health. I have since childhood always known that what the mind could conceive of was possible to create, invent or discover, but that thinking applied specifically to practical and material inventions. The idea of angels as real was not in my mindset. Recently, my granddaughter asked me if angels were real, and I said to her that there were so many things we could not see or understand but they existed none the less.

As a medium, I experience the feelings and thoughts shared by deceased souls that they send to their relatives on earth. I believe that all hands on healing is channeled energy from higher spiritual beings. Recently in a meditation, I received a message for a student of mine who had recently lost her mother. I sensed and visualized a beautiful female angel of green healing light and Mother Mary standing together. My client started to cry as I shared the impression I received. She said her mother would never have passed if Mary had not come for her. The healing angel was one that she prayed to regularly. I had no knowledge of this! The very next time I saw my beloved granddaughter, I simply told her angels do exist. Some people are able to feel or see them. My granddaughter, only six years old, was surprised and excited to hear this. Maybe she already knew and was only looking for validation from me. While I receive messages from spiritual sources all the time, this Angel presented itself at the right time for me to truly process the magnificence of their interaction with us so I could truthfully respond to my granddaughter.

Gaetano Vivo simply describes Reiki Universal Energy as “the purest expression of love that exists for us and pure love is transparent like water and air that seem not to exist, but are in fact the most important things that give us life. The energy is transparent like the Angels around us whom we do not see with our eyes but are there for us every second of our lives.”

Gaetano Vivo expressed the vision of his angels that earth may be perceived as two halves of an orange with people on one side in the light seeking to improve their higher feelings of connectiveness to all of life, and people on the other side in the dark exhibiting lower vibrations of greed, envy, jealousy and other negative thought patterns

As the Unseen elements of energy, love, and spiritual life forces assist the world populations, many will transcend and transform and move into the lighter side of earth, beyond the materialistic approach of living in search of a new spirituality.