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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Poverty Radio Presents Bill Booth on Handgun Hunting, July 16-Aug

Bill Booth has been associated with handguns nearly all of his life. He was exposed as a kid, then as a police officer and handgun instructor and most recently as a marketing agent for Smith & Wesson. For the past decade he was hunted with S&W handguns all over the world, including some of the African hunts discussed on this program.

Between Bill and I, we discuss our experiences with pistol hunting ranging from the .22 LR for squirrels and small game to the .50-caliber S&W revolver cartridge which is capable of taking any of the world’s game, and has. I parallel Booth’s discussion with my experiences with modern muzzleloading pistols, ranging from .32 caliber single shots, to revolvers and large single-shot pistols such as the Thompson/Center Encore 209 X 50, that I used to take several species of African game as well as hogs and deer in the U.S.

In addition to these discussions, I add my most recent experiences of taking two deer with two different muzzleloading revolvers using Hodgdon’s Triple Seven powder to muster 500 ft./lbs. of energy from these stainless steel guns. A hunt video is available on YouTube.

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