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Love Works

Jim Gulnick & Lisett Guevara

Love Works – Let Go of My Ego

The Ego raises its beautiful head to protect us in times of emotional stress. Standing guard in front of our conscious mind, its automatic responses shoot out in instant reaction to perceived threats to our self-esteem. When emotions revolt, the Ego builds a moat and a brick wall around our subconscious and effectively shields our mind-spirit connection. As our Ego strengthens its hold, we lose touch with our inner-feelings and our ability for objective self-observation. We don’t let others in as we don’t let ourselves in to our own mind to challenge our perceptions.

Join Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick of Love Works as they discuss the feelings and reasons around broken relationships that cause the Ego to manifest. Listen to audience members share their experiences with divorce and breakups.

This episode of Love Works discusses:
• How the Ego protects us but keeps us from true self-discovery
• Why patterns repeat when the Ego doesn’t retreat
• What “I”, “he”, “she”, or “we” mean when we express our feelings
• When relationship programs from childhood and past relationship should be changed

Lisett Guevara and Jim Gulnick are the hosts of Love Works, The Science of Relationships and authors of Single? How I found my perfect match in 90 days. The book provides exercises and worksheets to help you bypass the Ego and find out who you are, what you want, and what you want in a relationship.

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