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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Wendy Kay

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Cancer: It’s a good thing I got it!

Join host, Wendy Kay, and her special guest, David Koop, sought-after Keynote Speaker, Bone Cancer Survivor and author of the new book, Cancer: It’s a good thing I got it! You wont’ want to miss it as these two Cancer Survivors discuss the good, the bad, and the wonderful gift that Cancer has served in both of their lives.

If you or someone you care about has been affected by Cancer, this episode of Practical Karma will give you hope, inspiration and motivation to continue the faith. The 2 survivors discuss how the experience can truly be the wake up call and opportunity to live your best life going forward with purpose, passion and service. If you haven’t been affected, you can take advantage of what these two have learned to get your life in alignment with what’s really important to you!

Wendy states: “My breast cancer diagnosis and cure, I think, was the most significant catapult in finally soaring into the life I was Truly meant to live. And I’m having a Great time!”

Discussion Points:
Why it was a good thing David got it!
How life is better now.
How it’s changed relationships.
How it’s changed overall health.
The Spiritual Connection
Advise to those who’ve never experienced a Life-Threat
And More…

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