Health and Wellness

Stress Recovery

Ellie Wolf


The first show is an introduction to the difference between the old worn out concept of ‘stress managment’
and my upgraded approach, which I have coined, “Stress Recovery.” The “TOOLBOX”
link should open up and have the two attached documents in it that listeners can open, download and print.
I would also like to have a ‘SUBMIT A QUESTION” link on the webpage for the show.

DESCRIPTION: this first show describes the difference between a normal healthy level of stess, and high or detrimental stress.
We discuss why and how high stress is damaging to our health, and the common and often missed signs and sypmtoms of high stress
that lead to illness, injury, and poor function or performance. We give resources that aid in identifying high stress in a person, and the shockingly
high number of illnesses and conditions that have been directly inked to high stress.

I hope my links were done correctly. If so, I will need some instruction on how to open and read the submitted questions,
so I can respond to them in subsequent broadcasts.