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Football Ranters – “Cleveland Decidedly Does Not Rock the Supplemental Draft”

In the collective quest to humiliate, degrade and demoralize a single fan base as much as possible, the Cleveland Browns have outdone their brethren once again, this time by blowing a 2013 second round pick on unproven Baylor/Utah-ish wideout Josh Gordon. Ranter and The Danchise have more than a few thoughts on that, just as they do on Breesus’ new deal (smart!), Terrell Owens (dumb!) and Adrian Peterson’s arrest (dubious at best!). Plus, with the preseason almost upon us, fantasy football time is just around the corner. Your fearless co-hosts have cooked up a half-brained fantasy challenge and to compete against one another in, all so you can laugh at how dumb they are. Drink it all in, Lunatics.