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Bryn Johnson

Business Café – How A Simple Act of Kindness Can Change Your Life and Your Business with guest Linda Cohen

From grief comes inspiration.
From the mundane comes purpose.
From baby steps comes huge impact.
A simple act of kindness can do just that!

Join me in the café as tackle a less traditional business topic- kindness, connection and community. Author and speaker Linda Cohen saw her busy life as a mother, wife and entrepreneur come to a screeching halt when her father died of lung cancer in 2006. She took what she calls a “spiritual sabbatical” to work through her grief and from that the project to perform 1,000 acts of kindness – mitzvahs- was born.

Listen in as we talk and laugh about some of the motivations behind these mitzvahs- from changing the roll of toilet paper in a public restroom to championing a community charity. Nothing is too big or too small to make an impact!

Cohen’s first book: 1,000 Mitzvahs: How Small Acts of Kindness Can Heal, Inspire, and Change Your Life shares her journey from sorrow to inspiration. In the two and a half years it took her to perform her mitzvahs, Cohen found that her grief was lessened and her entire self was improved by each small act and that every time she went out of her way to do something good for someone else, she enhanced her own well-being. That’s the way I know I would like to step into my life and business each day- how about you?

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