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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Wendy Kay

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Get The BUZZ On Integrative Medicine: Why YOU NEED to Consider This Solution for Optimal Health Care

Wendy asks the Questions to get You some Answers! This is a discussion of a Solution to the Goal of Your Optimal Health, when health care is needed. This viable option, that you can choose for yourself, called Integrative Medicine, is a system where Eastern & Western practitioners come together as a team, along with your participation and accountability, so you can re-gain health when you need to.

Join host, Wendy Kay, and guest, Dr Rose Kumar, Board Certified Internal Medicine MD & founder of the Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine. Her groundbreaking integrative medical framework has facilitated True Healing for thousands of patients over the past 20 years and is able to offer innovative solutions to our current healthcare crisis. Dr Kumar is an expert in the fields of integrative medicine, women’s health, executive stress reduction and is the Author of the new book, Becoming Real

Discussion Points Include:
What Integrative Medicine actually is.
Why Western Medical treatments often do more harm than good.
The Biggest Difference between Integrative Medicine & traditional Western Medicine.
The different types of practitioners/disciplines included in a team.
The role You play in your own Health & Healing.
The differences in the IM models nationwide and how You can differentiate to assure the one you pick uses The Four Body System approach.

Finally…Happy Health Care for Everyone! DO NOT miss this episode – it could mean life or death – yours or someone you love!