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Stop Raising Einstein

Tara Kennedy-Kline

Stop Raising Einstein – Spankers Have no Defense

All the uproar, all the arguing, all the threats and accusations…You can find them anywhere on-line: ”The biggest problem with the world today is that we can’t spank our kids anymore or we’ll go to jail.” “If only we could still give our kids a good beatin’ when they need it, all our problems would go away.” And then there are the latest polls that say “90% of American parents say they spank their kids.”
Well, if all of that is true, then I’m confused…
If 90% of American Parents spank their kids, then why aren’t 90% of American Parents in jail? And if the overwhelming majority of Parents DO spank…then why do we still have problems? If 90% of American Parents spank, then why aren’t 90% of American children well behaved, respectful little angels as the beliefs of these parents would suggest?
So I set out to find the answers. I invited professionals and/or experts on both sides of the corporal punishment coin to weigh in and voice their opinions and facts on my show. But a funny thing happened, only the anti spankers replied. So, I put out another, more specific request asking for ONLY people who could defend spanking and its benefits on a non biased, non judgmental radio show (thinking that would help them feel more accepted)…and guess what happened…yup, nothing! Not one person stepped up to the plate to defend the spankers who apparently make up 90% of the parenting population of the USA.
The result is a fun, informational interview with Professional Counselor and Family Therapist Melody Brooke author of oh WOW! This changes everything. And Cycles of the Heart. We discuss the psychology behind spanking, why it DOES NOT work and alternatives that parents can use to get the results they want. Listen and comment on my facebook page and if you’re really brave…offer to come on the show and defend yourself…and the 90%.