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The Intentional Power

Dale Cross

The Intentional Power – A New Technique to Increase Attention and Learning In Children

Is there a great way to get children to calm down and focus in their digitally driven world of video games, texting, and internet surfing?
The answer seems to be a resounding yes when we as adults get children to cultivate their innate intentional power through a meditation
technique called BREATH AWARENESS. Join us as we talk to Heidi Thompson who is a pioneer in the field of attention development in children.
Her background in teaching gives her a deep insight into how children act, and think and she relates that in her book Calm Focus Joy. It
offers a unique approach to develop more calmness and focus for adults to teach to children, and to use for themselves. Listen and I think
you will quickly agree how this book is a real game changer from a leader in the field of BREATH AWARENESS!