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What’s Wrong with My Pet?

What’s Wrong with My Pet? – BECOMING A VETERINARIAN

Dr. Rossi’s guest this week is sophomore veterinary student Beth Ann Frost. Beth Ann is attending Auburn University and shares with us how competitive it was to get into veterinary school, and her experiences once there. Like many veterinary students, she had already received more than a just a Bachelor’s degree. In fact, she has a Master’s degree in Public Health. It was this study in public health, that fueled her interest in zoonotic diseases (animal diseases contagious to people.) She related the fact that the average GPA of a student accepted to veterinary school is 3.5 or above, and they need to be successful on the GRE’s (Graduate Record Exam.) One must then go through the interview process, which may or may not be difficult. She briefly reviewed her freshman curriculum, but the real shocker is the total expected debt of the average veterinarian graduate, and you won’t believe your ears when you hear it!

Dr. Rossi also discussed Lyme Disease in animals, and he encourages his listeners to vaccinate their dogs if they live in endemic areas, but advised that the disease is spreading. He briefly discussed risk factors such as: how much time the dog spends outside, and whether or not your home is near a wilderness area. Also included were the symptoms of Lyme Disease in animals, and treatment.