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Adverse events hit us all, and it seems like hot weather brings more than the usual number. Most recently this was illustrated by an episode of 70 mph. winds which brought down a 100-year-old pecan tree in my yard, a need to stand for a national professional examination in Geology and a lack of money caused by the dismal economy. These circumstances required that I use what tools that I had, or could borrow, to cut up the pecan and four other trees.
Tree removal was done with a Nepalese knife and Roman-pattern ax along with five old chain saws that sometimes ran, my lawn tractor that sometimes will cut grass and a 70-year-old body that sometimes works. I was not alone in being visited with adverse happenings as my former dog Ursus blew out a knee joint and his new owner had to take him to the University of Georgia to undergo expensive reconstructive surgery.
Multi-shot firearms are discussed, in case the Summer should also bring a zombie attack. These guns include the three-barreled Duck Foot Pistol from Dixie Gun Works, Colt’s Police Model percussion revolver (Cimarron Firearms) and Traditions Arms’ new Blunderbuss kit that is now sold through Sportsman’s Guide. Photos of the guns may be seen on Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures Radio Show Blog.
The cooking section considers the traditional Summertime dish of Okra and Tomatoes, which is also very good chilled, and for times that call for strong drink, the Moon Melon, made from raw corn whiskey and red Georgia seeded watermelon.
Ads are from Alphred’s Axes for all of your cutting needs and SIN’s (Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritive Inc’s) synthetic vegetables that give you the butter, salt and sugar taste that you crave shaped like squash, tomatos and okra.

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