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Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey for Truth – The Emotion Code

Listen to Dr. Bradley Nelson discuss his book, The Emotion Code. Dr. Nelson is a chiropractor, who after many clients, understood that most people’s emotional and physical ailments are connected to emotional baggage. He began to understand that ‘trapped’ emotions would and do create a range of difficulties in a person at any age in life. He created a method of releasing that trapped emotion, called The Emotion Code. How does it work? Is it lasting? What are the effects? Tami and Dr. Nelson discuss this method and Dr. Nelson even tries this method on Tami during the interview! What was Tami’s trapped emotion? If you like what you hear, you can obtain a free E-copy of the book, The Emotion Code by going to The Emotion Code website and typing in the offer Dr. Nelson states on the show!
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