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Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Wendy Kay

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Making That Re-Connection to Effective Communication with Your Love Partner

Wendy Kay gets candid in her discussion with Relationships Expert, Melanie Gorman, while seeking specific answers to help you, the listener, Re-Connect with Your Love Partner. Wendy knows that a person’s true desire in a partnership is to enjoy intimacies at physical, mental/emotional & spiritual levels, but that sometimes, even in love, things can go awry. She’s determined to find out from her guest expert: 1. If it’s even possible to turn things around once your relationship gets to various degrees of deteriorated communication, 2. Does it “Take 2″ to begin rebuilding the good back into the relationship and open the lines of effective communication – Or can it just be One? Wendy offers some scenarios, while Melanie offers Tips, Strategies, & most important, Hope for Your Rocky Relationship with the One you’re sharing life with.

Discussion Includes:
• How the Cycle of Deterioration in Communication & Intimacy occurs
• Tips to Remedy the Situation at varying levels
• Answers the $1Million Question: Can One Partner make some moves to bring things back in a Positive Direction?
• “Rules of Engagement” that help!
• Melanie’s #1 Tip that you, the Listener, can use TODAY to Improve Your Relationship
• And much more…

Melanie Gorman has been helping others with their relationships for 15 years. She is a Relationships Counselor and Coach, as well as Sr. VP at the #1 Relationship site on the web…

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