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Ellie Wolf


Got pain??– old pain, unexplained pain..pain that just won’t go away?!!!
Meet guest Kevin Cronin, RPT, ATR a seasoned and talented physical therapist, founder and owner of Advanced Rehab Clinics and
with 35 years experience treating patients with all kinds and sources of pain. Kevin discusses some of the root causes of chronic pain
and gives listeners his sage advice and perspectives on early recognition of pain and sensible action to prevent the unhappy progression
of pain to chronic pain. He also descirbes some of the unique, specialized and gentle techniques used at Advanced Rehab Clinics to
address and resolve pain. Advanced Rehab Clinics are rated #2 in the Chicago area, second only to RIC– which is saying quite a lot!
Join us for a refreshing and unique look with one of the masters at managing chronic pain– before it manages you!
In this broadcast we also recommend an excellent book that will contribute to building your “STRESS RECOVERY TOOLBOX”

Join us for this compelling and highly informative show with guest Kevin Cronin.

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