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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – 073012

Europe Craters, Public Pensions 4.6 Trillion Short–Your 401k/IRA Are Tempting Targets–Bills Aimed At That 8.9 Trillion From a Government Hungry For Cash/Control, More on The UN Arms Treaty–and Immigration Tips For Mitt…Even the head cheeses in Europe and the markets have lost faith. European banks teeter, despite up to 95 billion PER MONTH. Do you know what The Bush deficit was in 2008–with the country sliding into recession, two wars going full blast, and reprehensible spending from so called fiscal conservatives? 161 billion–about 1/8 of Obama’s breathtaking annual deficits now. And he advertises for food stamps, and relaxes welfare restrictions–anything to spend money, buy votes. And guess who is making 5.6 billion profit on the deals? The answer will curl your hair. Some bad economic stats–even through the rose prism of the government–but there is an amazing story of wealth of the “impoverished” hiding behind the numbers. And, some immigration tips for Mitt in our weekly segment–Hey Mitt–ya listening??? Complex problems–simple solutions. Contact .information for your senators, congress, and the Romney campaign–let them hear you!