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Bryn Johnson

Business Café – It Is All About the Return on Business Love Using The Relationship Quotient ™ with guest Bonnie Karpay

Do you often wonder how you can easily and genuinely create and maintain critical business relationships?

You are not alone. Most business owners are struggling in this area.
The fast-paced world we live in makes networking look more like speed-dating.

Join me in the café as I have this very conversation with Bonnie Karpay, creator of The Relationship Quotient™ and author of the new book Without Notice: Life Can Change in a Moment. She reveals some simple ways to build those genuine relationships and really have business colleagues wanting to know the “why” of what you do… the very work she does with entrepreneurs, organizations and sales professionals all over the world. In addition (as kind of a bonus!), we dive in deep to share her book writing secrets and many details of her personal journey that brought her to her current business.

I always love getting inside the details of an entrepreneurs story and identifying lessons for my own business, don’t you?