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Enlightened Life

Chavah Aima

Enlightened Life – The Mystical Traditions of the West Revealed for a New Age

We are in the midst of a great revelation of the wisdom of the ages of the Western world. Referred to as the ‘Yoga of the West’, these mysteries are really principles and practices that lead to self-mastery and spiritual awakening. Our ancient western mystery schools went underground in the dark ages and were forgotten by most as the rational mind became the standard in an evolving society. But in the late 1800’s a new form of the old mystery schools arose, bringing the spiritual wealth of western culture back into consciousness and practice. Now these mystical philosophies and techniques are coming out from the lodges and secret societies and taking their place once again as viable and venerable approaches to realizing the Divine Self within. Join us for an enlightening discussion of the roots of this ancient wisdom path, the important contributions of ‘magical’ women in the revelation of its arts and the future of this empowering and vital path to life mastery. My guest is Mary Greer, a scholar, writer, teacher and author of nine books on Tarot and a biography of four female magicians who used these secrets to change their world – Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses.