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Green Stories: Ripped from the Headlines

Antoinette Nue

Green Stories: Ripped from the Headlines – What Climate Change Looks Like in the Nation’s Capital

As long as we keep looking only at the Northwest region and thinking “too bad about the droughts and the wildfires” there are those among us who will never make the connection that all of these outrageous occurrences – the droughts, the wildfires, the violet storms and flooding – are a function of climate change. So by moving from region to region each week and pointing out the many faces of climate change – both human and environmental – I hope to show that none of us are going unscathed, that climate change has come home to roost in our front yards and that we are our brother’s keeper.

My guests this week are Dr. Jeff Masters, noted meteorologist and co-founder of, one of the internet’s earliest and most popular purveyors of weather-related news and data , and Kimberly Thomas, a professional who lives in Clinton, MD and commutes into Washington DC, now a hotbed of…umm…heat.