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Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today – Latest Scar Removal Treatments Explained by Dr Lycka & Dr Clementoni

Scar removal, correction and treatment, has been a long-time challenge for even the worlds’ best plastic surgeons. Our international guest this week is Dr Matteo Clementoni, a renowned Italian plastic surgeon with a special interest in scar correction and treatment which began from his humanitarian work treating badly burnt people in Africa & Asia. Dr Lycka and Dr Clementoni discuss the problems with scar formation and treatment, and how wounds heal. Dr Clementoni explains how a combination of a breakthrough in thinking, and technological advances, has led to the development of the latest laser scar treatment. Known as SCAAR FX. It is providing some remarkable results, previously unachievable, even with thick hypertrophic scars. Hear some inspirational stories of how badly scarred burns victims have been given their life back with these remarkable scar removal laser treatments.