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Rosanna Pittella Ph.D.

Voice of American Education – HOW CAN WE KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE?

Dr. Rosanna Pittella interviews esteemed guest, Senator Bill Diamond, of Maine, author of the new book “THE EVIL AND THE INNOCENT” an expert who visits to share critical information about how to protect children from sexual abuse. Senator Diamond discusses a topic about which he has become an expert, as one who has personally conducted hundreds of public hearings and research relating to sexual assault victims and predators.
JOANNA GIANGARDELLA, AUTHOR OF “THE GIRL FROM THE TOWER: A JOURNEY OF LIES” also stops by for a brief chat. Children are victimized in many ways – sometimes even the most benign and hopeful situations, like the adoption of war orphans. JOANNA GIANGARDELLA, AUTHOR OF “THE GIRL FROM THE TOWER: A JOURNEY OF LIES” exposes the horrific plight of children, herself one of them, sold into white slavery, abused and neglected under the guise of a seemingly gracious adoption of children through a program created in partnership ny the US Government and Greece.
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