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Conversations Beyond Science and Religion

Philip Comella

Conversations Beyond Science and Religion – Animal Nature, Spiritual Nature

By most measures, the world of humankind is not in great shape. Civil wars; starvation; religious strife; homelessness; environmental threats; mass murders; individual and corporate greed; the list goes on. In some ways, we seem to have let our lower nature, our “animal ways,” dominate our spiritual or higher selves. In his book, Human Natures, Of Animal and Spiritual, this week’s guest Carroll Blair, offers a collection of short narratives and aphorisms pointing out the universal need to tap our inner potential to rise above this animal nature and evolve into spiritual beings with unlimited potential, infinite minds. This course of action, he believes, is the only way to save us from disaster. Also on this show, host Philip Mereton, talks to the founders of the organization, Science and Non-Duality, Maurizio Benazzo and Zaya. This group is leading the way towards integrating the findings of science with the revelations of spirit.