Spirituality and Philosophy

Journey for Truth

Tami Urbanek

Journey for Truth – Journey For Truth-John Holland discusses his abilities as a psychic medium

John Holland has been featured on CBS’ Unsolved Mysteries, A&A, and on the History Channel. He also has a new feature coming in August 2012 on the Biography channel. Listen to John discuss, with Tami, his abilities as a psychic medium. He briefly addresses his childhood, as a black sheep, and how a near fatal accident awakened him to what he needs to do with his abilities to assist others. John works with many people in connecting with the ‘other side’. On this episode, you will hear details about John’s upcoming workshop, I Can Do It! in Pasadena, California, his work as a medium and Tami chimes in with how it is a bit different from her own experiences and her own work! For details about the workshop, go to his website: JohnHolland.com and you can also join him on Facebook!