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Renee McGivern

Nonprofit Spark – Five marketing ideas that will immediately boost your silent auction results – 08/13/12

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of volunteers right now across North America who have begun work on fall special events and related silent auctions. This show is designed to help all of you boost your success at the silent auction, once you’ve got the items in hand and people at your event. We’re honing in on this: What are you doing to market the items in your silent auction room?

For instance, are you using a sound system to make announcements about items and is the lighting subduing or supporting buying? You’ll get some very practical ideas for marketing your items on this show and raising more money.

My guest this week is such an expert about silent and live auctions that I just had to have her back on the show this week. Sherry Truhlar is president of Red Apple Auctions. She is a charity auction educator and onstage auctioneer. She also is a certified meeting planner. She has worked with nonprofits on some 300 events and is a walking, talking, and lively idea machine about auctions. You may want to listen to the interview I did with her last October, Handheld Bidding Devices, which also is lively and packed with ideas. That show aired the week of October 24, 2011.