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Stop Raising Einstein

Tara Kennedy-Kline

Stop Raising Einstein – Is it me, or is school making my kids go nuts?

Whether they are getting ready, have been back for a short while or attend year round classes…the end of summer break and the beginning of the school year seems to make many kids go a bit crazy…or is it just us? In this chat with “Creating Cooperative Kids” founder and author of “Love, Limits and Lessons” Bill Corbett, we reveal what it is that makes kids so nervous about school and 5 amazing tips to help get your child to step into and embrace back to school, homework and new routines…no matter where they are in their school year or school career. Parents of all kids will enjoy this enlightening and fun interview packed with tips, tools and resources to create “calm” and cooperation in your home…starting immediately! If you like what you hear or have something to share, be sure to share your best tips or comments on our Stop Raising Einstein Facebook page.