Money and Success

The New Retirement

Robert Margetic

The New Retirement – Money, Money, Money

There is a lot to think about when planning your retirement besides money. Yet, the quality of your life and your anxiety level may be determined by the decisions you make about your money. Will you manage it yourself or hire someone to manage it for you? Do you have a strategic approach to manage your money or fly by the seat of your pants. There are sound techniques and questionable approaches to investing your money. Join us as we discuss a sound approach to make your money meet your goals and last your retirement. David Houle, CFA and Elliott Orsillo, CFA co-founders of Season Investments share how they approach personalized money management and the difference when your adviser has a fiduciary responsibility to you versus a suitability approach. Then Elle Kaplan Founding Partner of Lexion Capital Management explains the importance of each person having the basic education on how their money works. She also delves into the importance of tying your investment portfolio to your goals. Listen and learn how to reduce your investment risk while achieving your goals.