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Football Ranters – “2012 Division Previews: NFC & AFC North”

In our ongoing series of Hollywood-themed division previews, this week the Ranters head north to tell you what movies best represent the AFC & NFC North divisions. Last year, these divisions yielded a total of 5 (!) playoff teams. Will they hold the same power in 2012? Will the Packers dominate again as they have over the past two seasons? Can the BEST QUARTERBACK IN THE LEAGUE lead the Ravens to the Promised Land? And what about the Steelers, Bengals, Browns, Bears, Lions and Vikings? (I’ll give you a hint: at least 2 of them will suck.) Listen in to find out just why you should hate your favorite team. Also, there’s still time to enter the Football Ranters Fantasy League. Head over to and send us an email with the subject “I want in” by August 22 to earn your free entry. Just a few weeks to go, Lunatics.