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Liberated Living – “Empowered Healer: Gain The Confidence, Power, & Ability To Heal Yourself” w/ Guest Dr. Susan Allison (Part 1)

Throughout biblical scripture, Jesus performed many healings during his three and half year ministry. In the book of John 5:1-11, Jesus asks a profound question to the lame man who had been in that condition for thirty years, “Do you want to be made well (whole)?”. Do you want to be made well or are you comfortable being in bondage to your physical sickness, ailment, or condition? Listen and download this show as Eliakim is joined by Dr. Susan Allison to discuss the true essence of healing.

Are they miracles? The overnight disappearance of a diagnosed cancer nodule in the larynx? Shrinking lesions in the brain? The healing of cervical cancer? The recovery from throat cancer and Hepatitis C? Excruciating pain gone virtually instantly? Peripheral eyesight restored? Blocked arteries cleared? Depression and anxiety released in one session? No. These recoveries are not miracles. They are the work of the Empowered Healer—YOU! These are actual healings—performed by the average person and documented by medical examination. And they are the result of the step-by-step formula for self-healing in Dr. Susan Allison’s new book Empowered Healer: Gain the Confidence, Power and Ability to Heal Yourself. Allison, a PhD in transpersonal psychology and author of two other well-received books, is impassioned about sharing the extraordinary and effective methodology she has developed for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Employing these steps assembled from many different and sometimes ancient disciplines, Allison affected a dramatic overnight removal of her husband’s cancerous tumor.

That experience, shared in the Preface, helped to encourage Allison, a counselor in private practice in Northern California, to expand her career as a healer and healing coach. She guides individuals to plumb their emotional depths to discover precisely what is eating at them. And then she helps clients augment their own power to remove the emotional cancer that is stimulating the physical abnormality. It was a combination of her own mystical experiences, (once during pregnancy and once while on a spiritual quest) and her natural desire to explore beyond traditional therapies, that led her to synthesize the tools of visualization, self-hypnosis, shamanic trance, self-dialogue, calling in spiritual “helpers,” shamanic extraction and energy medicine into her Empowered Healer Method. Employing it and teaching it have been extraordinarily rewarding as she has watched people heal from both physical diseases and emotional issues such as anxiety and depression. She recounts dramatic case after case in the book of people who have astonished their doctors with oftentimes, overnight “miracle” cures. But these are not miracles or cures, which imply some external intervention. Instead, confident, empowered and determined individuals do the work to bring about their own healing.